The Three Little Pigs Musical
by Stiles and Drewe



About the Play

The Australian premiere of “Stiles and Drewe’s The Three Little Pigs Musical” promises an enchanting journey into the beloved fairy tale with a modern twist. Set in a vibrant and whimsical world, the musical follows the adventures of three pig siblings – Prudence, Percival, and Piper – as they embark on a quest to build their own homes. With catchy tunes and witty lyrics by award-winning composers Stiles and Drewe, the production brings to life the timeless story with humor, heart, and plenty of surprises.

Audiences can expect a fresh interpretation of the classic tale, as the three little pigs encounter challenges from the notorious Big Bad Wolf. Through their ingenuity, determination, and the power of teamwork, the pigs learn valuable lessons about resilience, friendship, and the importance of staying true to oneself. As the story unfolds, spectators of all ages will be captivated by the colorful characters, imaginative staging, and toe-tapping musical numbers that make “The Three Little Pigs Musical” an unforgettable theatrical experience.

With its blend of humor, heart, and toe-tapping tunes, “Stiles and Drewe’s The Three Little Pigs Musical” is sure to delight audiences of all ages. From its charming characters to its uplifting message, the production promises to be a joyful celebration of creativity, courage, and the power of friendship. Don’t miss the Australian premiere of this enchanting musical adventure that will leave you humming along and cheering for the three little pigs!

The 3 Little Pigs are coming to the National Theatre in December 2024.

Show Details

Stiles & Drewe's



Book and Lyrics by ANTHONY DREWE

Licensed exclusively by Music Theatre International (Australasia)

Production Team

Executive Producer: Andrew Gyopar

Director: Tahra Cannon

Production Design: Abbey Stanway

Stage Manager: Chloe Goldsmith

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Lyla Digrazia

Kael Serin-D’Alterio

Tin Man:
Ashley Wilsnach

Cowardly Lion:
Leigh Roncon

Wicked Witch:
Keyanna Burgher

Isobel Smart

The Wizard:
Jason Fabbri

Uncle Henry & Emerald City Guard:
Warren Overton

Friends of Dorothy:
Louie Dalzell, DJ Pearce, Charli Curtis

Caitlin Carnaby, Tayla Harry, Alyssa Sorgiovanni

Eve Dresner, Emma Gates, Emma Ho, Melissa Honarvar, Alyssia Jade, Mathilda Kwok, Charlie Mackenzie, Matteo Maxwell, Tabitha Truscott, Damon Willis

Mareesa Ballao, Aneka Constantine, Caitlin Greenhill, Charbel Karaan, Lyndsay Kirkham, Rebekah Maisano, Matthew Sheahan, Jaynen Yong

By L Frank Baum. Music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg. Adapted from the motion picture screenplay for the Royal Shakespeare Company by John Kane.

Licensed exclusively by Origin Theatrical.

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